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Most in-person meetings have been suspended. Meetings that have reopened are listed below, in green.

If a group is meeting via Zoom or conference call, their information will be on the "Zoom" list, downloadable a bit further down.

Some meetings may not have shared Zoom information. If there's a group you'd like to join and information is not listed, please contact the individual groups to see if they've decided to use Zoom, or some other method to meet. (There is contact information on the in-person schedule, below.)  You may also email neregionnaranon@gmail.com; someone will call or email you.

Note: The in-person schedule is for information only; the majority of in-person meetings have been suspended; they are not meeting in-person.

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New England Region Nar-Anon Schedule
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Click here to see the last applicable in-person meeting schedule.

Note: Although we try to keep our schedule completely up to day, occasionally there is a change in a meeting place or time. If you are new to the meeting you wish to attend, please call the number listed by that meeting to verify the information is correct. [In-person meetings have been suspended; see Zoom list for ongoing meetings.]


A downloadable list of current Zoom of conference call meetings is below. First link is meetings in the New England Region. Second link is meetings in the New York Region, including a few every night meetings in other areas.


New York and other area Zoom Meetings


In-Person Meetings Resume

Yarmouth, MA, The Beginning of Hope, is meeting in-person!
Friday at 6:15 PM
St. David's Episcopal Church
205 Old Main St.
South Yarmouth, MA


New Meetings

Catch the Wave
Old Orchard Beach, ME

Wednesdays at 6PM

See Zoom Meeting list for login information.